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Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Parkwood Academy and Nursery!

This is a school that we are proud to say genuinely places the children at the heart of everything we do. We treat all children as individuals and personalise their learning experience so that they are engaged, active, and having fun. There is no “one size fits all”. We want our children to learn rapidly because they are curious, independent, and resilient learners who are engrossed in activities and cannot wait to discover the next part of the learning journey.

The children at Parkwood Academy achieve success in developing their skill and knowledge base of key events throughout time; local, national, and world geography which adds context to our local surroundings and expression through both the interpretation, composition, and honing of both the creative and fine arts. We achieve this through consistently highly effective teaching with a constant, relentless focus on strengthening our broad and stimulating curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils, developing a committed and well-trained staff who genuinely care about the children, and a restless drive to improve every aspect of what we do.

Our Trust values are the golden thread that binds our curriculum and learning experience. We teach our children to collaborate and persevere to ensure their success. We encourage them to innovate their strategies to improve in all they do whilst enabling them to positively challenge themselves and others.

We welcome visitors so if you are looking for a school place for your child, we will happily show you around and discuss any questions that you may have about the school. We are confident that you will also experience the same sense of pride and purpose that we all share in Parkwood Academy.

Martyn Clarke