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School Ethos and Values

At Parkwood Academy, we treat children as individuals and personalise their learning so that they are engaged, active, and having fun.  There is no “one size fits all.”  We want our children to learn rapidly because they are engrossed in activities and cannot wait to discover the next part of their learning journey.

The children’s happiness matters to us. We encourage them to:

  • Develop their emotional, spiritual and cultural awareness;
  • Not be involved in bullying, racism, or any forms of harassment;
  • Achieve outstanding results in all phases of their education;
  • Achieve well regardless of their ability, home background, gender, or ethnicity;
  • Understand and respect others’ feelings, values, and beliefs;
  • Be enterprising and willing to take responsibility.

We do this through a curriculum that puts our trust values at the heart of the learning that we deliver.  Our trust values are: –

  • challenge;
  • collaboration;
  • innovation; and
  • perseverance.

We aim to inspire children to keep learning (challenge), work together (collaboration), give it a go (innovation), and never give up (perseverance), through first-hand learning experiences. We facilitate opportunities that encourage the children to take control of their learning and to develop into active critical learners in readiness for their onward journey.

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Parkwood Academy is part of the South Essex Academy Trust, working in collaboration to improve both itself and other schools.  For more information about the trust, visit