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The aims of the Parkwood Academy Curriculum.

Our Ambition and Intent:

To enable highly effective learning across the whole school, across a range of subjects in the national curriculum evidenced by strong outcomes, embedding the values of our Trust throughout, enabling pupils to lead healthy, productive lives that contribute positively to the community, country and world.

What local context should we consider?

Pupils enter the school with lower start points for Communication and language (CAL), Personal, social and emotional development (PSED) and a global knowledge (UW) of People and communities. CLL (25% in 2018-19) 17% in Literacy overall, PSED (21%in 2018-19) and 33% (2018-19) for people and communities.

Disadvantaged pupils

There were 49% disadvantaged pupils in 2018-19 compared to 26% nationally (2015-16). The school in top 10% of most deprived areas in the index of multiple deprivation.

And so…

We will build character and develop PSED by incorporating our Trust Values into our curriculum and pedagogy and through real life experience. We will develop CLL by having opportunities to read, talk and reason across our curriculum and pedagogy by changing perceptions and having high aspirations of ourselves and others. We will continue to use research to inform how we use our pupil premium grant, to maximise its impact.

Our Trust Values Golden Thread

These will be evident in all aspects of our learning, in daily practice, through enrichment activities, in the language we use, and in the character we develop in our pupils and staff.






And so…

Our learning will be full of opportunities to…





And our language and modelling will reflect these ideas, and pupils will develop these characteristics as well as the knowledge and skills from National Curriculum content.


We will ‘enrich to enthuse’ learning, by filling each topic with real life experiences based on social and historical contexts. We will provide exposure to, and be in pursuit of, inspirational speakers and role models who develop a sense of purpose in the community. We will facilitate opportunities for pupils to become ambassadors of their own religion and cultures, becoming experts of their own knowledge, without fear of prejudice. We will enable pupils to become advocates of British values and have clear understanding of what it means to be a citizen of Great Britain.


Our Curriculum is:

Full of National curriculum content, with PSED, CLL and people and communities as the early focus

Our pedagogy is underpinned by our Trust values, the golden thread, woven through all we do. You will see pupils who are enthused to learn because each topic is carefully crafted to spark their interest through exciting enrichment. You’ll see pupils talking about Writing inspired by contemporary and significant films and novels. You’ll see pupils reasoning with a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract written methods which aid the context of their mathematical understanding.  Our pupils will be challenging themselves to try tricky things without fear of getting something wrong, and they will be prepared to find new ways of thinking. Through Forest schools and daily mindfulness, our curriculum is filled with opportunities that allow pupils to problem solve and self regulate.  ALL pupils are met with appropriate activities to which are then adapted to meet their needs.  For some, it’ll mean strategies informed by research like the EEF toolkit or our knowledge of supporting disadvantaged pupils or those with SEN effectively.

Our pupils will become confident speakers, knowledgeable citizens and through their exposure and participation in the creative and expressive arts.

The outcomes will be strong and increasing attainment across the curriculum, brilliantly prepared for secondary school, and for a healthy, productive life.