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Helping Your Child


Helping your child prepare for school by practising the following things at home will boost your child’s competence and self-confidence in these key areas of development.


  • go to the toilet on his/ her own, use toilet paper, flush the lavatory and wash his/her hands
  • share and take turns
  • listen to an adult and follow basic instructions
  • tidy up toys and books when requested to do so
  • play happily with a small group of children of similar age
  • cope with lunch without help, e.g. carry a tray, sit down to eat, use a knife and fork, undo a lunch box and the packets inside
  • separate from you without becoming unduly upset
  • teach and praise good matters


  • listen attentively to a short story
  • identify colours and given their names
  • correctly name one or two basic shapes
  • know his/her name and address (and possibly phone number)
  • talk clearly in sentences
  • recite a few favourite nursery rhymes
  • concentrate on an activity for at least 5 minutes


  • undo buttons and zips
  • untie shoe laces (will probably not be able to tie them yet)
  • catch a large ball thrown gently
  • use a pair of scissors safely and cur along a straight line
  • practise dressing and undressing for P.E. lessons