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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) links and updates

During these unprecedented times, it is vital that we maintain a community link between the school and our pupils and their parents. Please see below a series of links to resources that may be of use to you:

External Resources to support you and your family:

Keeping Children Safe Online           

Information for parents and carers about keeping children safe online whilst learning at home.

Support for isolated families

CAVS is aiming to Coordinate the support required.
If you are self Isolating or have a long term health condition, lonely and
Isolated, house bound, in need of picking up shopping or in need of a friendly
phone call then please contact CAVS Ways to Wellness team who will be
happy to help.
CAVS are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.
Out of these hours please either leave a message or email:

Resources directly linked to the school:

The following email addresses have been set up to provide you guidance and support should you need it. 

Email addressPurposePerson responsible

NB: Only children in receipt of free school meals receive vouchers.

Universal free school meals (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) are NOT eligible.

Queries related to vouchers.

Vouchers not received

Unable to access vouchers

Mr Clarke
keyworkers@parkwood-academy.orgCritical/ Keyworkers who may need to make use of provision.

This is a last resort, where there is no alternative child-care. We aim to reduce risk of exposure.

Mr Clarke


safeguarding@parkwood-academy.orgAny queries/ concerns linked to the safeguarding of children or parents.

URGENT safeguarding concerns should be raised by the red button on the website.

Mr Clarke/Miss Norcott/ Mrs Horgan
wellbeing@parkwood-academy.orgIn this difficult time, if you need a shoulder to lean on, parenting support or advice, or just have a question, please contact this address.Miss Norcott/ Mrs Heather
EHCP@parkwood-academy.orgQuestions/support needed for parents of children with EHCPs

Mrs Horgan will automatically contact parents of pupils with EHCPs fortnightly via the phone.

Mrs Horgan
Direct Email to class-teachers
reception@parkwood-academy.orgQuestions regarding work or support with home learningMiss Fisk
Year1@parkwood-academy.orgMrs Haine
Year2@parkwood-academy.orgMrs Perfect
Year3@parkwood-academy.orgMrs Pankhurst/ Miss Edwards
Year4@parkwood-academy.orgMiss Campion
Year5@parkwoo-academy.orgMiss Colledge
Year6@parkwood-academy.orgMiss Maclennan