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Our Vision & Values


Our main aim is to create a safe, caring and stimulating school for our children regardless of their gender, race or background. We aim to cater for all aspects of the child’s development with a commitment to nurturing positive relationships, positive working environment and high standards of achievement. We ensure this by working closely with parents, governors and the wider community.

In particular, we expect the children to be respectful, well behaved, tolerant of others and positive. We teach pupils to know the difference between right and wrong.

The staff, directors, children and parents unite in their vision for the future:

“Our school values and recognises the qualities of every individual and strives to foster a sense of pride in its community.

We believe:

  • in nurturing and celebrating every aspect of an individual’s personality and achievement.
  • in helping everyone to develop high self-esteem and the confidence to conquer everyday challenges.
  • all individuals should be able to communicate, co-operate and collaborate in work and play, showing understanding, tolerance and respect for others;
  • everyone should be aware of the importance of leading healthy lifestyles and how to remain safe in everyday activities;
  • all individuals should be proud of themselves and of their community and environment. All individuals should be respectful of others’ rights, beliefs and property.
  • in high standards of teaching and an exciting, stimulating and flexible curriculum which is equally accessible to everyone.
  • in promoting active participation in lifelong learning and academic success.

We will provide:

  • a caring, supportive and safe environment in which expectations are clear and efforts are rewarded;
  • a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with high standards and positive role models;
  • opportunities to express opinions and thoughts through discussion, the arts and play;
  • a range of physical activities in and out of curriculum time using our own skills as well as those from others in the wider community;
  • healthy, balanced meals and snacks;
  • equal opportunities for all individuals to learn and excel in their personal talents;
  • opportunities for everyone to acquire the skills needed to embrace future challenges with confidence ;
  • enthusiastic staff that will plan and deliver a curriculum which includes a range of teaching and learning styles ensuring that learning is fun, diverse and varied.

Parkwood Academy offers an environment and community in which we believe we can all learn best whilst feeling happy, safe, valued and proud.”



  • Collaboration
  • Challenge
  • Perseverance
  • Innovation